Cake Smash/Toddler session

Are you searching for a fun and memorable way to celebrate your little ones 1st Birthday?  Then look no further!  Copious amounts of cake and cream resulting in very sticky fingers is the way to do it.   'Cake Smash' is exciting and fun for everyone who is involved. This session makes  great eye-catching pictures to have framed on your wall or nice additions to the family photo album. 


The 'Cake Smash' photoshoot sessions is split into three stages:

Stage 1 

The adorably clean stage

In this stage the photos will be taken of your little one in a clean outfit,  using the same ‘cake smash’ backdrop.  


Stage 2

The yummy cake stage!

Using the same birthday backdrop from ‘Stage 1’, it’s now time to dive in and start smashing the birthday cake.


Stage 3

Bathtub stage

After the cake smashing has finished, and maximum messiness has been achieved, we'll put your little one in a small bathtub while capturing some lovely shots of him/her playing.  In the end you shall be left with a clean and happy baby. 


The PhotoShoot takes place at my home studio in Isleworth. We can expect it to last up to an hour and a half.  All outfits and props are provided and I am happy to advise you on where to find great cakes.  I also have a few useful tips of my own on how to make the birthday cake photogenic for the session.   And don't worry!  You won't have to clean up all the mess.  


Just simply contact me with any questions you may have and then we can discuss any particular themes, props or shots that you may like, and once we arrange a date, bring the cake of your choice and lets let your little one get smashing!


What to expect

First and foremost, it is pretty inevitable that once your little one has been all caked up, that they will thoroughly enjoy sharing it with you!  So it's definitely a sensible idea to have some spare clothes handy.


Also, sometimes your little one may not be as keen on smashing up the cake as first hoped.  They may prefer to just have a poke and crawl in the opposite direction!  Sometime a little adult involvement may be required but regardless of circumstance I'm positive that some really nice images can still be captured.

To book a session or for any other enquiries you may have please feel free to contact me via the  Contact page. 

Session Includes:

  • Session approx 1-1.5 hr

  • Telephone/ Email consultation to discuss session and ideas

  • Includes baby only 

  • Online gallery up to 15 beautiful images to choose from

  • Weekends and Bank Holidays £25 extra

  • The session fee  does not include cake

Package 1: £250

Includes 5 digital images of your choice.

Package 2: £300

Includes all digital images.