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Capture Your Love Story: Engage in Meaningful Couple Photoshoots,

Are you recently engaged or counting down the days to a significant date that celebrates your love? An engagement or couple photoshoot offers a beautiful way to share quality time together and create lasting memories.

Experience sessions brimming with relaxation, where authenticity takes center stage. Our focus is on capturing the genuine essence of your love. Laughter is essential, ensuring every frame echoes the joy that defines your connection. As your photographer, I'll offer gentle guidance to create captivating poses that encapsulate your unique bond.

Before the session, we'll engage in a dialogue about your preferred location. For engagement photoshoots, let's discuss your wedding plans, delving into your vision for the big day and the moments you'd like to treasure. I'm excited to continue our journey together by documenting your wedding and preserving the evolution of your love story.

My engagement shoot packages offer unhurried 1 to 1.5 hour sessions in the picturesque landscapes of Surrey or the vibrant urban canvas of London. These sessions harmonize beautifully with capturing the nuances of a London neighborhood or the tranquility of a park.

Should you desire a longer session or wish to explore multiple locations, feel free to reach out. I'm committed to crafting a personalized quote tailored to your preferences.

Elevate your love story through the lens of Ana Kerr Photography.

Contact me today to embark on a photoshoot experience that cherishes the beauty of your connection.

Price £250

Engagement  and Couple Photography session in Richmond Upon Thames and Richmond Park, London

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