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Intimate Wedding at Gryms Dyke Hotel , London

Here I am again at Gryms Dyke Hotel, this time for a small, intimate wedding. Hired for three hours as a wedding photographer, I was there to capture the most precious moments for this lovely couple.

The couple decided to get ready together, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The bride preferred to stay out of sight from the guests before the ceremony, so we started with some photos inside their cozy hotel room. These candid, behind-the-scenes shots set the tone for the day, capturing their excitement and love in the quiet moments before the festivities began.

The wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful Drawing Room. The intimate setting added to the charm and warmth of the event. Following the ceremony, we stepped outside for some delightful confetti shots and group photos with family and friends.

Next, I took the couple aside for a special session of just the two of them. This time allowed me to capture their unique connection and the joy of their newlywed bliss in a serene and picturesque environment.

After the couple's photo session, I stayed to capture the guests as they chatted, drank, and enjoyed the celebration. These candid moments are always a joy to photograph, as they truly reflect the happiness and camaraderie of the day.

Thank you to this wonderful couple for making me a part of your special day. It was an honour to capture these beautiful moments at Gryms Dyke Hotel.


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