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Ana Kerr Photography Guide: What to Wear for Your Autumn Family Photoshoot

Ana Kerr Photography suggests what to wear for your autumn family photoshoot, selecting the perfect attire to complement the captivating autumn backdrop in Richmond, Surrey, and London. The cool, crisp air and the enchanting scenery provide an ideal canvas for creating timeless family portraits. As you prepare for this special occasion, your choice of wardrobe can significantly impact the outcome of your photos. Here's a comprehensive guide recommended by Ana Kerr Photography to help you choose the ideal attire for your family photoshoot.

Opt for Neutral Tones and Cohesive Shades

Ana Kerr Photography suggests selecting a colour palette that resonates with the autumn landscape. Neutral colours such as warm browns, soft creams, deep greens, and muted blues work harmoniously against the picturesque backdrop. These tones seamlessly blend with the season's beauty while allowing your family to stand out in the photos. Avoid large logos and distracting patterns, opting for subtle textures and simple designs that add depth without overwhelming the overall look.

Mother Daughter  Photoshoot London Richmond

Coordinate in Complementary Colours

Creating a cohesive look doesn't mean everyone should wear the exact same shade. Instead, opt for a colour palette and let each family member wear different shades within that range. Ana Kerr Photography recommends mixing and matching various shades and textures of the chosen colours among family members for a relaxed and harmonious style.

A Splash of Colour for City Photoshoots

For a family photoshoot against the bustling London cityscape, Ana Kerr Photography suggests adding a touch more colour. While maintaining the essence of coordinated neutrals, introducing a subtle pop of colour can add vibrancy to the urban backdrop. Think of deep burgundies, rich plums, or jewel tones that complement the metropolitan vibe while keeping the overall look cohesive and stylish.

Accessorize Thoughtfully and Layer Up

Accessories play a significant role in enhancing your ensemble. Ana Kerr Photography recommends scarves, hats, or statement jewellery to add personality and depth to your look without overpowering it, creating focal points in the photos and enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Additionally, consider layering your outfits and bringing multiple jumpers. Having different jumpers allows for quick changes, enabling diverse looks during the shoot without much hassle. This versatility provides an opportunity to create varied styles while maintaining the chosen colour palette.

Family Photoshoot  Isleworth

In conclusion, Ana Kerr Photography suggests that preparing for a family photoshoot in autumn requires a delicate balance of coordinating outfits while allowing individuality to shine through. By choosing a harmonious colour palette, embracing neutral tones, adding thoughtful accessories, and incorporating layers with various jumpers, you can create a timeless and visually stunning collection of family photographs.

Father and Son Photoshoot London , Surrey

When planning your family photoshoot in Richmond, Surrey, or London with Ana Kerr Photography, consider the beauty of the season and how your wardrobe choices can complement it. Whether amidst the urban backdrop or against the autumnal landscapes, the right attire will help you create lasting memories you'll cherish for years to come.


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