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The Orangery Wedding Photographer at Holland Park

Ah, the first wedding of May – a time when nature bursts into bloom, echoing the joy of newlyweds embarking on their journey together. It was a picture-perfect sunny day, a welcomed reprieve after a year of relentless rain.

My day began at the London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, where I found myself amidst the flurry of bridal preparations and groomsmen's antics. With the bride on one floor and the groom on another, I maneuvered through the morning bustle, capturing fleeting moments of excitement and nerves.

Setting the stage for a heartfelt moment, I arranged a quiet space for the father-daughter first look.

Then, as we transitioned to The Orangery at Holland Park, simplicity spoke volumes. The ceremony space, adorned with understated elegance, awaited the arrival of guests. Soon, the bride's entrance, escorted by her father, marked the beginning of a beautiful journey down the aisle.

As the ceremony unfolded, I immortalized the joyous occasion with photographs, transitioning seamlessly into capturing the candid essence of the newlyweds amidst the picturesque Dutch gardens of Holland Park. Their request for playful, silly photos perfectly reflected their lighthearted approach to life and love.

With group shots and couple portraits complete, we transitioned to the wedding breakfast and speeches, where heartfelt words and laughter filled the air.

And just when the evening seemed to reach its peak, a charming red bus arrived to whisk everyone away to The Waterway, a European restaurant in Paddington, where the festivities continued well into the night with cake and dancing.

Being The Orangery wedding photographer , and being part of such a special day was truly an honour, and I'm grateful to have been entrusted with capturing the memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Here's to love, laughter, and happily ever afters. Cheers to the newlyweds for allowing me to share in their joyous celebration! To book me as your wedding photographer at the Orangery in Holland park or anywhere else, Please use contact page.


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